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I shopped at Burlington, Sawgrass, 12801 W. Sunrise Blvd, Florida 12/18/17 @ 10:37, the cashier Alexandra was extremely rude.

I reported the incident to the manager on duty at the time. I was doing my Christmas shopping early in the morning, got to her register, very upbeat I approached and said Good Morning and Merry Christmas to you. She did not answer. I then said wow, are you ok, she replied “I do not have to speak if she did not wish to”.

She checked my items, and did not even hand me my bags or said thank you.

I said Thank You, and complain to the floor manager immediately. That is not the behavior I have grown accustomed to at Burlington.

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I'm so sorry too hear about your shopping experience. Hope wherever you go, your next shopping experience is a lot better.

I know that feeling, Burlington Coat Factory, has an reputation too be rude and arrogant too their employees and too their customers.Here's A Story:When i went shopping the first time i went into the store and went through the checkout, i let another customer go ahead of me, so she could of had herself and he had her kids with her buying more things, than i was. This poor customer who was looking for too supporting her family for Christmas, was screamed at and racially profiled by an employee.It was so sad too see this and it made me burst into tears, too the point where I'm stepping in and confronting the employee because the employee did this too others. I paid for the customer's bill, gave her extra cash for her and her family for the holidays. I told her I would talk too the manager for her and for the way her family was treated because she and her family did not need too go through this.

When i talked too the manager about the employee. They fired her because they over heard her and saw her doing too this too the other customers.

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