Working at Burlington has been pretty frustrating. At only $8/hour they want us to cover 3 different depts and then get mad when we don't have the store spotless.

The managers are quick to point out everything we do bad but never appreciate what we do right. Honestly I hate working there. The managers are hard to talk to because they just tell or ignore you. No matter how hard you work they do not care.

We are so unappreciated and by the time customers come to us with a problem we can't fix it's suddenly out fault. We can only do so much and nobody realizes the stuff we actually do. Never have I felt like they genuinely care about what we do.

It's all a front in front of customers. The managers just don't care about the employees who are working for them and it's so sad.

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Wow you took the words right out of my mouth. The location I quit working for was guilty of this and more.

They have zero training for cashiers, then blame the cashiers when customers get upset for waiting forever in line. They lost layaways, had pet employees who got away with murder, employees followed people around like they were criminals, etc.


Unfortunately that is the life of the minimum wage employee. We do all the hard work and everyone else get's the rewards.

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