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The cashier in Gurnee store was very rude was also swearing and when I Told her as I’m being a customer you not supposed to be swearing at a customer. Then a lady in whom she said was a manger she also yelling across at me then told me to come to the counter once I came to the counter she grab me by my arm once I told her to remove her hand from my arm and she did.

It was a guy in him he said is a manger come over there we’re i was at and I told him what was going on and he said he was going to talk to her but don’t no if he did it. I will be taking the surgery with bad reviews to let them no they need to do better.

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Fifth grade drop out maybe? Tell you what you can do.

Go get a friend who has better writing skills and tell them to write for you. Maybe then you can tell the whole story including the parts where you were acting out. You KNOW the actions that caused a couple of employees to start cursing.

No one goes to work and starts their day swearing. What did you do?

to Durpa #1555387

To: Durpa: Wow. so much hate and arrogance.

why are you such an jerk too others? maybe its times for you too shut your mouth, if you're going too be so negative! Anybody knows any employee or customer should not be treated like this. People need too be treated with respect when they are into the store.

Clearly you're not going too understand the difference. If anybody has an problem with an employee of an customer, then it needs too be addressed.


That doesn’t make sense




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